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Me and My Monologues

Monologues of life.
I converse.
A scream of silence echoes in infinite corners.

What if, what if not?
Burglar questions rob my heart.
Whilst the world moves constantly,
me and my monologues sit in peace and converse quietly…

A rage inside, sometimes a storm behind,
a heartfelt emotion or endless passionate musings!
How would I, how should I not?
Random talks in between,
me and my monologues sit hand in hand under the dark.

A word of respite or phrases of delight,
a sulking feeling or share the ecstatic night.
Like the flowers dangling on a full moon night.
Me and my monologues sit and listen to each other,
as companions of life!


Let Me Be A Child Again

Somehow I have grown up in a wrong way.

Somehow I have grown up with the wrong intentions.

Somehow I have made a lot of bad choices.

Somehow I have traded off my most innocent emotions.


I did earn a lot…

some good memories… some are woes.

Somehow I have impressed a lot of people…

Men and women… some friends… some are foes…


Having lost the quintessential me

I do have things in terms of gain…

But with every petrichor my heart cries… pride dies…

Time reminds me of the childhood rain.


Let my granny’s arms provide that safest embrace.

Let my mother’s lap be my most comfortable space.

Let my father’s voice wake me up in the morning.

Let the sunshine become adorning.

Let me not be shy to cry in pain.

Let me be a child again.