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The Paradox of Innocence

When I was 16, and so young
I said my favourite colour was blue
because I did not know that there were
other types of girls, and that it was OK
to be different.

On a school trip then, we hiked
several mountains up, too close to the skies
and I tasted the stars, shimmery and sweet,
As against others of my age
Who were busy
With shimmering skin and fancy clothes.

Nectar sweet, devouring
every inch of my being, I felt the weight
of a million worlds, constellations that crissed-crossed,
always crossed, star lovers.
Unable to guess that the stars would take me to someone important.

Now, at 22, a close of decade later,
I say, I’m sorry I never understood you better.
I did not know, then, that there were
other types of relationships,
and that it was OK.

But I now understand you,
in ways I don’t know how to articulate,
and it’s taken me quite a few years, of burning,
of almost dying, of imploding,
of spinning without knowing,
to know
that my childhood books spilled honest lies.

Now, I know
exactly where we are
in the universe, and it is full
of stray thoughts and
loose ends.

But I do not know, yet
how to express
myself. How to do this, because it is not Math,
it is not a constellation,
it’s a rainbow..
Merged sequences.

and I know now, that blue
is a warmer colour. I know now
that it is OK,
but OK is not quantifiable,
not justifiable
for who I, simply, am not.


Skulls in the Stars

This is part 2 in a lengthy series of posts attempting to explain the idea of quantum entanglement to a non-physics audience.  Part 1 can be read here.

So, by the mid 1920s, physicists had made significant progress in developing the new quantum theory.  It had been shown that light and matter each possess a dual nature as waves and particles, and Schrödinger had derived a mathematical equation that accurately described how the wave part of matter evolves in space and time.

But it was not clear what, exactly, was doing the “waving” in a matter wave.   Water waves arise from the oscillation (waving) of water, sound waves arise from the oscillation of molecules in the air, but what is oscillating in a matter wave?  Or, to put it another way, what does such a wave represent?

We will try and answer this question by looking at how a matter wave manifests in an…

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For the QM freaks, here’s something awesome…

Skulls in the Stars

If you follow science, or science fiction, to any degree, great or small, you’ve probably heard the term “quantum entanglement” before.  You may also have heard it referred to as “spooky action at a distance,” and understand that it somehow involves a weird connection between separated quantum particles that can “communicate,” in a sense, over long distances instantaneously.  You may have read that quantum entanglement is a key aspect in proposed technologies that could transform society, namely quantum cryptography and quantum computing.

But it is difficult for a non-physicist to learn more about quantum entanglement than this, because even understanding it in a non-technical sense requires a reasonably thorough knowledge of how quantum mechanics works.

In writing my recently-published textbook on Singular Optics, however, I had to write a summary of the relevant physics for a chapter on the quantum aspects of optical vortices. I realized that, with some modification, this summary…

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Linear Algebra: What matrices actually are

An excellent explanation of the apparent mathematical magic called the matrix…

No Layman Left Behind

Most high school students in the United States learn about matrices and matrix multiplication, but they often are not taught why matrix multiplication works the way it does. Adding matrices is easy: you just add the corresponding entries. However, matrix multiplication does not work this way, and for someone who doesn’t understand the theory behind matrices, this way of multiplying matrices may seem extremely contrived and strange. To truly understand matrices, we view them as representations of part of a bigger picture. Matrices represent functions between spaces, called vector spaces, and not just any functions either, but linear functions. This is in fact why linear algebra focuses on matrices. The two fundamental facts about matrices is that every matrix represents some linear function, and every linear function is represented by a matrix. Therefore, there is in fact a one-to-one correspondence between matrices and linear functions. We’ll show that…

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802665Poor sleep is common at high altitude. Most trekkers don’t sleep well at a higher altitude. Trekkers commonly report intense dreams, feeling of being suffocated and wake up feeling unrefreshed.

Trekkers arriving at higher altitude commonly experience poor quality sleep. Sleep at a higher altitude can become fitful and difficult. High altitude can have many effects on the body. Oxygen which is at 20.8% (approx.) at sea level dwindles to 13% at an altitude of 3,600 meters. The lack of oxygen causes the preliminary disturbance in the sleep pattern. It causes rapid breathing to maintain proper oxygen flow. The rapid intake of oxygen also causes a faster rate of Carbon dioxide release. The carbon dioxide sensors in the body try to control the rapid release by slowing the rate of exhaling of CO2. Due to these adjustments in fast and slow breathing, a trekker experiences a disturbed sleep pattern (Sleep Apnea).

We take…

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React || Believe || Respond

A Very Interesting Read. Thanks to the Girl with the Flaws.

The Girl With The Flaws

When I was a teenager, I hated a lot of things about my life. I thought I didn’t belong. That’s pretty normal. What is weird is I still feel like I don’t belong. Not in a crowd but with the people I have known for years. Did I ever grow up? Or is it that we never do? Or maybe none of this is about maturity, it is about emotions. And emotions never age.

I have struggled with feeling like an outsider from time to time. For a long time I thought that moving somewhere different and drastically changing my life was the only way I was ever going to be happy. To be honest, a part of me still feels that way. But slowly I am realizing that I can create the life I want for myself no matter where I live or what I do. Right here, right…

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They say we have evolved from them.

Each one of us carries an animal inside.

These animals make us do things

That we would not do otherwise:


Kill each other, hurt each other,

Eat, envy or embrace each other.

For food, for life, for pleasure,

For love, sex and treasure.


What is emotion if not a string,

An excuse to linger, cut off or cling?

It’s not surprising that we are tied by these, else

What disaster the animal within can bring!!!

From PsychoMortem to Transcendence

Dear current readers, even if you are a few in numbers, I feel it as a personal responsibility to write an explanatory post regarding my decision to change the name and address of the blog. I also, intend to inform about a possibility of changing the domain address to a professional and precise one.

I don’t have the time to check the date when I started this blog. But I know the chronologically varying reasons to maintain it. I never intended to be a writer. It is contradictory as a purpose to my primary purpose in (not of) life. As a writer one must empathise with the targeted audience beforehand, and as soon as I do that, I find it time consuming to switch back to my natural mode of thinking. At the same time, I feel good to let a chunk of my mental-space-time out for criticism, catharsis as well as altruism.

When I started writing on WordPress, I chose the username as PsychoMortem, because I was a lost soul; lost in the labyrinths of social and emotional illusions. Now, that has changed; not that I enjoy socializing more than before (in fact I hate it and pass on my chances for such activities). I have found quanta of solace within myself, transcending my evolutionary addiction to cognitive ease, a harmony between my prefrontal cortex and the rest of my brain.

I did think of deleting this blog and not creating a new one. I wanted to devote my time entirely for acquiring skills I desire from this life and only create a portfolio site to showcase them to make it easy for me to grab opportunities which will bring me the means of survival. However, a part of me wants me not to die. Hence I chose Transcendence.

Tissue Papers

The Audience are the unsung heroes of every story. They can change every wrong doing by the villain, every heartbreak the hero suffers. The audience may raise the characters from the dead and even make them immortal. Yet sometimes they choose to use their tissue papers.

The Harmony of Death

In the world full of imperfection ironically the cumulative culmination of all biological imperfections eventually gives rise to the birth of Death which does its job with absolute perfection by ending the life that mothers it.