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Lust, Sex and Rape: An Indian Context

Recently the Supreme Court of India proved, once again, that Justice exists in India, by ultimately directing Nirbhaya’s rapists to their well deserved destination, the gallows. With that, I took a sigh of relief and started minding my own business, well hobbies too, reading poems on Quora, but my relief did not last long. An amateur poet came up with a poem on the theme of what heinous event happened that night, but the poem was written in a tone of accusation towards males for their sexuality.


Leadership: A Short Note

Let’s accept it. We are now living in a world that has recently trashed the monarchies and increasingly moving on the path of liberty and equal rights. There, however, still seems to be a nostalgic feeling when it comes to bearing the torch; how should our leaders behave?

More importantly, how should we choose our leaders? Do they have to be dramatic in their behaviours, the ones that stun us with their statements and attires, or do they have to be better than the rest of the team? Do they, really?

In that sentiment we seem to have been confused in our approach to choose a leader. We still cling on to the melodramatic imagery where a lion claims the throne and rules the rest. And in there, lies our blunder. Gone are the kings and queens on the hands of which relied the fate of the mass without an alternative. It is a democratic governance and we are all humans of equal rights, albeit, different skills, interests and abilities. That’s why when we think of choosing a leader, we mustn’t cite instances of those fictitious lions or tigers. Rather, we must behave like the wolves. And wolves respect the pack, above the leader.

In terms of simplicity, we can take an effective and smart network of computers led by a server machine. The server machine does not have to be super computer or necessarily better than the client computers. It can be just one of them with the ability to fulfil its workload efficiently.

In any ideal team of humans, every member shares the credit, loss and responsibility equally. The team needs a leader as a mediator among many only to prevent confusion and bring about a unified route to success with the consensus of the majority while ensuring that the minority as well as the anarchists get what they deserve. The leader is in no way, a king that reigns over the people.

Free Will

I was kind of compelled to write this one after being forcibly made to listen to talks about the Gurgaon gang rape case in my cabs and smoking lot in the office apart from the various points of view in the paper. I cannot but have pity on our socio-politico anomaly which shows a severe lack an understanding of the concept.

The cab driver – It’s girls’ fault. They roam around semi naked and expose a lot in a provocative way. If a guy gets out of control due to the sex drive which actually is being driven by a girl then there’s nothing wrong with the guy.

My esteemed colleague – What was that girl doing at that ungodly hour in the night? By the way guys drink to get drunk. So what?

Gurgaon Police – Women should not work after 8 pm.

Anonymous comment in the paper – Girls should maintain their images in accord with the society.

There used to be frequent cases of stolen bikes and cars in my society in Noida. I wonder why did we not talk like that then. Why did the police not order bike owners not to ride their bikes after 8 pm or to hide their bikes in their respective floors in multistoried buildings? Why is there less number of cases of a powerful politician’s house being burgled or his wife and daughters being raped?

According to me- There’s no Free Will so far in where we stand. If seven guys with a strong support from their political background or their heinous beasts inside want to have their immediate sexual fantasies entertained, they can do so. Because they have means to escape. Think for a moment, would you not do it or think of doing it were you at such an advantage?

My suggestions to working girls –

1. Don’t spend on your clothes or cosmetics or phones. Save as much as you can so that you can buy at least a Chinese pistol ASAP. Our police can’t fire a round to protect you.

2. Get a filthy rich boyfriend preferably with a political background.

3. Learn to protect yourselves.

4. Stop faking that you are the weaker sex and stop claiming seats or coaches in public transport.

5. Tell guys that even they might get raped by gay rapists.

P.S. There’s only FREE WILL. You’ve gotta accept it. No choice.