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Ganga Beach Cafe # 1 @ Rishikesh

A million bumping heads

Rendered in coherence

An enigma just beside me

As rises the height

With a soothing delight

Playing with resilience inside me

Goes she, leaving with a smile

Leaving me with a smile

Bending over a mile

I look forward to an exile

Into the lively adobe

To a turbulent surprise

Let me promise to be back soon

In your paradise in disguise

Ganga Beach Cafe # 2 @ Rishikesh

Numerous thoughts incline toward me

Each carries a unique motion

Each tries to build upon another demolition

Leaving me with confusion

Led by a multitude of ecstasy

My head branches like the weed

As Brownian as smoke of hash inside and out

No rescue arrives till I’m out, stoned with doubt

And I willingly lose it all

Forgotten, pampered, hit and hurt with the fall

My demise, my nirvana, my moksha

Are they all just myth

Or parts of a great equation not with a logical accord?

The dream does not stop here

As I decide to climb higher and higher.