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Me and My Monologues

Monologues of life.
I converse.
A scream of silence echoes in infinite corners.

What if, what if not?
Burglar questions rob my heart.
Whilst the world moves constantly,
me and my monologues sit in peace and converse quietly…

A rage inside, sometimes a storm behind,
a heartfelt emotion or endless passionate musings!
How would I, how should I not?
Random talks in between,
me and my monologues sit hand in hand under the dark.

A word of respite or phrases of delight,
a sulking feeling or share the ecstatic night.
Like the flowers dangling on a full moon night.
Me and my monologues sit and listen to each other,
as companions of life!




Blue is several things.

Blue is ocean, river, stream.

Blue is the carefree splash of water.

Blue is the immense infinite sky.

Blue is above mountains, blue has its source in mountains, blue flows underneath mountains.

Isn’t this how we were introduced to the sceneries as kids?

Blue is the soulmate of white, a validation to each absurd musing.

Blue is peace and soothing.

It is a big heart. It takes in and engulfs everything.

Blue is rain. It is in rainbow.

It takes you deep within.

It helps you to leap.

Blue is the brightest day. It is shelter.

Blue is glory, contentment, warmth, memories and passion.

Blue is freedom and imagination.

Isn’t a gemstone blue in colour?

Moreover, blue understands. It empathizes. It isn’t judgemental. It listens and stays. May be, that’s why, when sad and sick, you are blue.

Blue keeps faith.

Blue is my mother’s favourite sari draped around her.

Blue is so many things. It makes you feel so much!


Of which in this world there are different kinds…
A fool is the one who chooses the illusion for pleasure
And ignores the painful truth.
A fool is the one who is bound by the delusions
And treats them as the god damn truth !
A fool is the one who imitates wisdom
But seldom tries to understand it.
A fool is the one who pretends to be no fool
But is a fool indeed.
A fool is like me who prefers to be called a fool
For that’s the easiest way to extract the bits
Of the truth from the other kinds of fools.
By the way, Which kind of fool are you?
Come on !
Don’t say that you are not a fool,
For that’s when I shall know that you are a fool
Who’s trying to be cool.

The Violinist

Let the hummings begin
Let the bow run back and forth
Let the strings of steel dance in trance
For I am the only one of its kind…
Thus is my violin And I let her speak my mind…
Enough said already,
Have had enough wasted words..
Now is the time To become God
Or The destroyer of worlds…

The Dark Disdains


When the animals are done

Scavenging, hunting, fighting and gathering,

The true colours begin to bleed

As it gets darker and darker.

When the man returns,

His wife blushes red,

In anticipation of what is

About to come,

When the food is served,

But the hunger demands something else,

The veils of hypocrisy give way,

Revealing the true skins,

When the two brewing souls

Embrace, Hold, Soothe and slumber,

Penetrate each other in melancholy,

Indifferences vanish.

When the city sleeps,

A poet awakes,

seduced by the bare innocence Of Nature,

A man finds his true self.

When the sun dies out,

The moon begins to fade,

Facades of righteousness begin to shatter

With the dark disdains all around.

I may be wrong.

I may be right.

Great many things happen every day

But better things happen only at night.


I want to tell you the story of my life
But I don’t know what it is all about.
Though I have seen a lot so far
But it’s not enough.
It’s not enough.

Nonetheless you should hear it now.
More or less it’s all the same.
Sooner or later I’ll be gone,
They’ll be gone,
And you’ll be gone.

Loving parents, brothers and sisters,
Childhood love, rains and thunders,
Food, fire, woods and rivers;
I’ve had them all.
I’ve loved them all.

The eternal God whose judgement awaits,
The pious priest who praises the lord,
Fearful heads bowing down;
It’s all a lie.
It’s all a lie.

Mockers mock, jokers joke,
Mourners lament and doctors differ.
Now, who would you be and why is that?
The choice is yours.
The rules are yours.

Who is who and what is what?
Whether to live or to go?
Who to kill and who to spare?
The answers are rare
And they’re found nowhere.

I held my gun at point blank range.
For then I thought I could talk to death.
But then I stumbled upon the truth.
I have died before
Many a times.

Now I was staring into the dark,
The probable end of all the possibilities
Of a life of hope, pleasure and pain
And I began to yell, “Not again,
Not again.”

If at all there are answers to my questions,
It is life where I can find them.
Had death ever had spoken to me,
I would have hated life
Forever and ever…

The Queen of my Dreams

She is the only queen for me

In the entire universe.

Her body is infinite but subtle is her mind.

Subtlety is her disguise and

She is the only one of her kind.


She is a quantum woman…

Mother, Sister, Friend, Foe and Lover and much more.

Infinity is her address

But she keeps knocking on every other door.


She wears a gown of light and shadow.

But she bares at times…

To feed me…

To help me…

To seduce me…

To kill me…


I live for her…

I feel for her…

I do for her…

And I’ll die for her…


As long as I have only her in my mind,

Chances are… there’s something new I may find.

When I get blinded by too much of her light,

I tell to myself, ” You fool! Just get rid of your sight”.


Her love for me charms me the most, like a mystic’s magic wand.

She wants me to follow her traces To Infinity and Beyond.

Let Me Be A Child Again

Somehow I have grown up in a wrong way.

Somehow I have grown up with the wrong intentions.

Somehow I have made a lot of bad choices.

Somehow I have traded off my most innocent emotions.


I did earn a lot…

some good memories… some are woes.

Somehow I have impressed a lot of people…

Men and women… some friends… some are foes…


Having lost the quintessential me

I do have things in terms of gain…

But with every petrichor my heart cries… pride dies…

Time reminds me of the childhood rain.


Let my granny’s arms provide that safest embrace.

Let my mother’s lap be my most comfortable space.

Let my father’s voice wake me up in the morning.

Let the sunshine become adorning.

Let me not be shy to cry in pain.

Let me be a child again.

tell me your story

wait a sec
come close
do you mind
closing the door?

just too much noise
it’s overcrowded

as i promised
i’ve come back to you
left everything else
out of my mind

tell me
tell me now
i am desperate
to know your story

Sweet Revenge

I know why you did what you did.

Despite the time running out of me

Or me running out of time,

I shall have to come back to you.

Let the weather turn,

Let the warm breeze be gone.

In the rain to exalt,

Let my momentum halt.

For those good old days

Like yin and yang when ecstasy sang,

You shall yearn and I will return.