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Blue is several things.

Blue is ocean, river, stream.

Blue is the carefree splash of water.

Blue is the immense infinite sky.

Blue is above mountains, blue has its source in mountains, blue flows underneath mountains.

Isn’t this how we were introduced to the sceneries as kids?

Blue is the soulmate of white, a validation to each absurd musing.

Blue is peace and soothing.

It is a big heart. It takes in and engulfs everything.

Blue is rain. It is in rainbow.

It takes you deep within.

It helps you to leap.

Blue is the brightest day. It is shelter.

Blue is glory, contentment, warmth, memories and passion.

Blue is freedom and imagination.

Isn’t a gemstone blue in colour?

Moreover, blue understands. It empathizes. It isn’t judgemental. It listens and stays. May be, that’s why, when sad and sick, you are blue.

Blue keeps faith.

Blue is my mother’s favourite sari draped around her.

Blue is so many things. It makes you feel so much!


The Central Philosophy


The significance of Ψ and ∞

To make it easy to follow what I mean, here are some artistically scientific visual descriptions of the symbols. Please note that the symbols are just that, symbols.



This (above) is what I mean by Ψ


This (above) is what I mean by


As far back as my mind can retrace its reverse chronological phases, I remember being restless in trying to resolve the paradox of my own existence. I have followed religions, philosophies, stories, myths, cults and cultures. Nowhere did I find any solace. On one hand I had to work for the sustenance of my own existence without even knowing what or why it is and on the other hand I had this depressing feeling of not knowing something that I am so keenly attached to. Thus I have spent, almost all of my life, so far, trying to understand who, what and why I am. I do not have all the answers. Yet, I have not been biased for any emotional gratification that ignores the scientific Truth. I have not taken the side I was born into, neither have I taken any other side.

Then I stumbled upon something impressive; Physics, which (as per its Greek origin) means: The Knowledge of Nature. I got used to Physics from a time very early in my school days. I used to be fascinated by the unfailing ways of predictions shown by it. I was getting increasingly amazed by Physics mainly because of its power of prediction, albeit, its domain was limited to Intelligence.

My problem was not my intelligence. It was my emotions. The most traumatic thing was, not even I was able to understand and predict my emotional response to my surroundings. I did ask my teachers, spiritual leaders and so called Gurus, even some professors I personally knew. I used to: read a lot, watch a lot and learn a lot. Everywhere I heard the echo of one sentiment:


I accepted that echo and went into depression because except Science, I could not trust anything else. Not even God; The God who I used to believe.

The Story:

NATURE vs nature:

As they say: “ Every cloud has a silver lining.”, at the peak of my depression, I found my missing piece. The Mind.

It is during my own study of Psychology, I realized what I was missing. I never considered the effect of Nature on my mind or the effect of my own mental fluctuations on the way I used to feel Nature.

Ever heard the statement or anything similar to: “Sometimes all you need to change is your very own perspective.”? I have encountered it very often and have now understood what it means.

I don’t think it is correct to say that Science cannot serve as a guide to moral or emotional standards. It can very well be that. We have simply not been able to apply Science to a domain beyond the present limitations of our collective intelligence (including AI). Rather, I say, Science is the best framework of all the structures of human knowledge for setting moral and emotional standards, even at the cost of gradual abolishment of the current ones that are non-scientific.

I believe, there is the inner nature, Ψ, that signifies one’s mind (origin of meta-physical experiences felt by the one), that is associated to the physical nature, ∞, which signifies everything else (including one’s own body). Science, thus far, has been studying the physical existence of Nature and it has been, at least in my opinion, making progress very much commendably.

What I am more interested in (apart from the path-breaking discoveries and research attempts in String Theory, Quantum Physics, Cosmology or any other area of Theoretical Physics) is The Theory of Everything, for which, many more unexpected factors vis-à-vis Cognitive Science, NeuroScience and Psychology or even Arts seem not only beneficial but also essential and inevitable.


Thus is this attempt of mine, to live upto my personal meaning of life, led by my inability to stall my curiosity that serves as a bridge between my emotion and my intelligence, letting my feelings to break free from the melodrama of the moronic social perceptions and rules, to live and die doing Science and Knowing Nature.

What remains to be seen is, how the interplay of Ψ and ∞ is revealed…

To Infinity and Beyond.

—————(Ψ )—————