They say, ‘Phoenix’ is a mythical bird.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

If you can rise above your prejudiced, biased, narrow self-centred, ignorant and stagnant perspectives that govern your life, and dare to see through the eyes of ThePhysicist you will see that the fundamental of Life is Life itself.

We all live for ourselves. But every moment that our lives consist of, contribute to and influence the entire network of processes (natural or artificial) that support or are part of Life. Even Death, bows down to Life because just like a Phoenix, from the ashes of its previous form, Life rises again, taking a new form, it Transcends beyond Life to Life itself.

It all started through Serendipity. One, out of all possible permutations of the elements of the periodic table, worked beautifully. And it has been going on and on till date. As if Nature was “Giving Serendipity A Chance!!!”.

And as ThePhysicist, my mission is to support Nature with all my mind and body for her purpose…


Do you still think of Phoenix as a mythical bird?