A Very Interesting Read. Thanks to the Girl with the Flaws.

The Girl With The Flaws

When I was a teenager, I hated a lot of things about my life. I thought I didn’t belong. That’s pretty normal. What is weird is I still feel like I don’t belong. Not in a crowd but with the people I have known for years. Did I ever grow up? Or is it that we never do? Or maybe none of this is about maturity, it is about emotions. And emotions never age.

I have struggled with feeling like an outsider from time to time. For a long time I thought that moving somewhere different and drastically changing my life was the only way I was ever going to be happy. To be honest, a part of me still feels that way. But slowly I am realizing that I can create the life I want for myself no matter where I live or what I do. Right here, right…

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