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They say we have evolved from them.

Each one of us carries an animal inside.

These animals make us do things

That we would not do otherwise:


Kill each other, hurt each other,

Eat, envy or embrace each other.

For food, for life, for pleasure,

For love, sex and treasure.


What is emotion if not a string,

An excuse to linger, cut off or cling?

It’s not surprising that we are tied by these, else

What disaster the animal within can bring!!!


From PsychoMortem to Transcendence

Dear current readers, even if you are a few in numbers, I feel it as a personal responsibility to write an explanatory post regarding my decision to change the name and address of the blog. I also, intend to inform about a possibility of changing the domain address to a professional and precise one.

I don’t have the time to check the date when I started this blog. But I know the chronologically varying reasons to maintain it. I never intended to be a writer. It is contradictory as a purpose to my primary purpose in (not of) life. As a writer one must empathise with the targeted audience beforehand, and as soon as I do that, I find it time consuming to switch back to my natural mode of thinking. At the same time, I feel good to let a chunk of my mental-space-time out for criticism, catharsis as well as altruism.

When I started writing on WordPress, I chose the username as PsychoMortem, because I was a lost soul; lost in the labyrinths of social and emotional illusions. Now, that has changed; not that I enjoy socializing more than before (in fact I hate it and pass on my chances for such activities). I have found quanta of solace within myself, transcending my evolutionary addiction to cognitive ease, a harmony between my prefrontal cortex and the rest of my brain.

I did think of deleting this blog and not creating a new one. I wanted to devote my time entirely for acquiring skills I desire from this life and only create a portfolio site to showcase them to make it easy for me to grab opportunities which will bring me the means of survival. However, a part of me wants me not to die. Hence I chose Transcendence.