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Sweet Revenge

I know why you did what you did.

Despite the time running out of me

Or me running out of time,

I shall have to come back to you.

Let the weather turn,

Let the warm breeze be gone.

In the rain to exalt,

Let my momentum halt.

For those good old days

Like yin and yang when ecstasy sang,

You shall yearn and I will return.


A Glimpse of the Final Answer

It’s the journey and not the home,
It’s the sky but the sky alone.
Just fill my cup with little stars
And under my skin you’ll see twinkle scars.

Through rocks or angels or the devil’s fangs,
Through sheer destruction my hope hangs.
Through blinding bends of things I see or don’t,
It comes and leaves but stay it won’t.

From the heroes that inspired my little mind,
From the folks of a little evil kind,
From the pulses of that dying candle,
From the cracking of my door handle,

To the past of the future that never is,
To the present to which I’ve lost the keys,
To the distant horizon beyond the ground,
A glimpse of the final answer is to be found.

Ghost Notes

Oh my my…
Look… there’s the vanilla sky…
In the half remembered dreams
Of chances and deliberations
I have gotten chunks of that but Why?

Oh my my…
Look… there’s the last firefly…
In my moments in oblivion
I have ridden upon it once
And that’s not a lie.

Oh my my…
Look… there’s our most beloved moon
In the times of total blackouts
I’ve seen it, been there, done that
As if I were born with a silver spoon

Oh my my…
Can you see… It’s me!
Hovering around my nostalgia
Tired of counting sheep
Of countless resentments I wish I could break free

Oh my my…
Look… it’s you…
Telling me not to back down
Stand firm and fight hard and you’ll live
But cares Who?

Oh my my…
I am flying…
I am dying…
When you pontificate
What I did was a coward’s act
But suicide takes tremendous courage
And that’s a fact.