The North Face

Just a random name I assigned to the Northern hill I fell in love with

The North Face

Mountain! O! Mountain!

What is your secret?

Come on, you can share it with me.

There’s not much of a difference you see.


In the summer sun you cry.

In the winter you go dry.

In the rain you dance.

Though I’d seen that only once.


The stream that you love never sticks to you.

The cloud that you befriend only passes you by.

I see the sanctuary that you host.

None of them cares for you the most.


Well, I’ve seen you smoke quite often.

Is it mostly the grass or the cream?

May we ever smoke up together?

I’d like to talk about the river and the weather.


I’ll hover around you just like that black cloud.

I’ll chatter, sing, dance and laugh out loud.

I’ll flow down you but walk back up to the point

Where in the evening we can light up a joint.


So when do we meet up your majesty?

You know, I’m getting late and your reply needs to be quick.

Did you just ask me to hold back and not leave?

Don’t stop me darling with so much of innocence or I too will start to weep.