Do you remember me or the first time when we met?

There was so much of love and no fear or regret.

Do you remember the sun and the clouds that surrounded?

The river that chattered and the strangers befriended.

Do you remember the glow of that night and the twinkles up that hill?

And the way we used to talk like the old Jack and Jill.

I kept feeling you night after night.

Had tea with you till time flew out of sight.

I drank your beauty all around the place.

I still can see how lovely looked your face.

Do you ever miss me or remember my name?

I know Love is really a dangerous game.

I know you never cared about parting our way.

And you won’t look back come what may.

It’s okay if you don’t remember me anymore.

Even if my love is eternal and pure.

May Love be with you Love, wherever you be.

My eyes will wait for you as long as I can see.