Once upon a time there was a voice
That sang many songs of pain and rejoice,
Gave strength of beauty to the beholder’s eyes,
Magically turned the drinks to elixir of choice.

Soon it became the lullaby of the youth and old.
It came with a lull and left in a storm.
Getting to the lips of ours, putting the spirits on hold.
Reminded of the beauty one could never buy in gold.

Taught to be sad at the epitome of fame.
Laid many stories and said ‘what’s in a name?’.
The touch of which gave life to the relic,
Made all cry from prolific to the lame.

There was no sob, no eyes were wet,
The audience was frozen by the master as pet.
With every heart and soul being grounded to the core,
Talked more of the feeling than mere happiness had set.

Once upon a time there was a man
Who could possess that voice and no one else can.
He left us one day while tears broke out
With his voice still singing for an eternal span.