Light a cigarrette or better if you have something even better. Sit in a dark large room with a few pieces of furniture in there. Turn the lights off.
Are you high now? If no, then don’t call me an idiot. If yes, then you will find some sense in what I’m trying to tell you.
How can you be so sure that the petrol station you cross every night while coming back from work does not move after you lose it from your sight? Duh. Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? Lets take something portable. Say, your cell phone. What happens to it after you fall asleep? Does it stay where you keep it? Your Common sense says ‘yes’. Mine too. What is your common sense? How do you define it? How can you trust your common sense so badly? On what basis? I mean we didn’t know trees are living things till a mad scientist told us so!
Let’s deduce it from pure and simple logic: We close our eyes but still are in physical touch with the object, so if it moves, we’ll know. But it doesn’t, so we know that it does not move. Or even if we close our eyes we have a camera recording its movements which tells us in the morning that the phone did not move an inch. Agreed. What if the object constantly creates an illusion not detectable to human perceptions? We understand the camera recording according to our own perception of a camera recording, right? How can we be so sure that inanimate objects lie where we leave them? After all they also constitute of elementary particles. Or is it just a concept or rather a notion very well fit into our everyday understanding of the world we live in so that we can’t think different?